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Election season redux

May 14, 2012
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Is anyone but me getting tired of politicians sniping at each other?  At least we are down to one remaining Republican candidate, so we don’t have to listen to all those guys taking pot shots at each other.  Geez.  None of them had anything too useful to say (from my perspective) but just keep hogging face time on the networks.  Now we have to get through both of the conventions while Obama and Romney call each other out.  Neither one of them has an solution for the problems we are facing.  Both of them will suggest fixes that will make things worse.  I don’t know, maybe our forefathers were mistaken to form a democratic republic (which everyone thinks is a democracy.  It’s not).  Perhaps we should restore the monarchy?  No wait, the Brits have a monarchy and an elected government, and they are in the hole as deep as we are.  Hmmm.

I don’t pretend to be a political scientist, or even politically savvy.  I don’t have the answers.  I just think if people listened to each other and treated each other with more respect we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Instead, it seems like folks just talk at each other, insisting they alone are on the right track.  That doesn’t work in our society, it didn’t work in ancient Rome, and it didn’t work in Star Wars.  I guess humans are slow learners.



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Independence Day

July 4, 2011
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Here in Arizona, July 4, 2011 is almost history. Our local fireworks show was cancelled due to dry conditions and persistent fires in the area. So, I watched fireworks on TV while viewing a couple of movie on You Tube. Both were very interesting and informative. The first was called The End of America, based on the book of the same name by Naomi Wolf. I recommend it to anyone who wants another viewpoint about the changes taking place in America now.

The movie made me sad, because it is true! The country we know, or knew, and love, is changing and not for the better. If we’re not careful to monitor those in power, to make sure they don’t sell us down the proverbial river, we will find our constitution in shreds and our freedoms disappeared.

The second movie was called The End of Liberty and was presented by the National Inflation Association.  It talked about our economic situation, and the probable coming hyperinflation.  This move also made me sad, and angry!  The lengths our country is going to to “protect us” from everything harmful (?), like organic food, raw milk, and fresh, farm-raised produce,  so agribusiness corporations can save us from making our own choices.  Geez.  This was just at the beginning of the film.  There is a lot more happening in terms of government and business herding us, the sheeple, into a lush, green pasture fenced with barbed wire.  We get taken care of, but we’re prisoners.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to trade my independence for anything.

On this Independence Day, think carefully about how things are changing.  How many rules there are, little laws passed to control even the most basic of our choices.  Can’t grow, give, sell or trade fresh food?  Oh well, more money for Wal-Mart.  Your doctor tells you a fresh, healthy diet isn’t good for you, just take these pills and stay dependent on big pharma.  Your kids’ high schools are pointing them toward degrees at expensive colleges (so they can compete with all the other graduates with the same degrees), instead of teaching them how to start and run businesses, or pointing out the value of a technical education or an apprenticeship in the trades?  Parents, just cough up those savings dollars, even though they don’t buy what they should in the marketplace.

I am not dissing a college education for those who are interested, but college isn’t the only way to go.  Some young adults struggling in college classes would make brilliant plumbers.  When your pipes all burst, would you rather have an engineer who can design you a new system, or a guy who is willing to crawl under your house, getting really dirty, but get the drains unclogged and the toilet flushing again?

There is something to be said about knowing a gifted mechanic when you can’t afford a new car every three years.


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OMG!! Election season has begun :(

June 26, 2011
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The clash of the titans has begun, and the echoes will spiral outward until November. These titans are in Iowa, the first state to hold its primary election. Some say that the results of the Iowa caucus predicts the outcome of the following national election. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I am less than thrilled to realize that I will soon be listening to candidate commercials for months on end. I am just not ready.

There must be a better way to do this. I get so tired of listening to candidates say, “Vote for me, not that ##%@&&# guy!” And, all of this abuse of the airwaves costs enough to feed a small country for a year. What a waste of resources, and what a monument to ego-driven politicians who promise the moon and deliver stones.

Insurance Hubris?

June 3, 2011
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When I turned 65 almost 3 years ago, I signed up with a medicare advantage plan to take care of my medical bills, what medicare didn’t pay.  At that time, I received my membership materials, including an insurance card.  Shortly thereafter, I went to see the doctor about a debilitating pain in the joint where my right arm attaches to my shoulder.  The doctor sent me for an MRI.  No problem, I presented my insurance card, they verified my coverage, and the procedure was done.  It was nothing that required surgery, just bursitis and tendonitis, and with rest and physical therapy it got better.

Skip ahead to late 2010.  I got a letter from the imaging company that did the MRI, billing me for $1500.00 for that procedure!  Why??  Well, it seems that the insurance company decided, for whatever reason, it wasn’t going to pay for that procedure, so it demanded the money back from the provider, who was in turn demanding the money back from me!  What???

Needless to say, I don’t have that amount of money laying around.  Besides, what gives the insurance company the right to do that, anyway?  It is bad enough that your insurance plan can tell you what doctor you can go to, what lab can do your tests, and what drugs you can and cannot take.  They have held us economically hostage.  If only I could just pay my medical costs out of pocket, but sadly, I cannot.

There are many pros and cons about socialized medicine, and the pharmacies and doctors tell us about the substandard care we would get under such a system.  However, if one cannot pay for US medical care, what difference does it make?  I would much rather have care I can afford, than not get the best care because I can’t afford it.


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Happy Memorial Day

May 30, 2011
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Today is a day for remembering sacrifice and loss, and those who go to war to keep us safe.  Thank you for serving.  Today we celebrate with flying flags, and decorating the graves of those we have lost.  In the evening, we have friends over, or go to visit them, through some meat on the barbie and have all the traditional side dishes to go with.  We hoist a few (beer, iced tea, soda) and bless those who are no longer with us, and that God we are still here.

Blessings to all, those who have left and those who remain.  Blessings to our leaders, that they finally do the right thing, and blessings to our families that they be healthy and prosperous,



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Hello World

May 29, 2011
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I have been noticing for the past few years, since the recession began in 2009 or so, that more and more government help (in terms of money and regulations) is going to large corporations.  In other words, to borrow a phrase, Wall Street instead of Main Street.  However, it was Main Street, all across our young country, that helped it to grow and create jobs.  As little towns and small cities pushed west, and grew into big towns and large cities, the merchants brought the tools for building a civilized society.  Churches brought the women, and the schools educated the children so they could run the farms and ranches, start new businesses and stores, and otherwise prosper.

A couple of hundred years passed by, wars came and went, we fought, we won, be took in our belts, and we not only survived but prospered.  However, it seems to me that since the mid-1960s things have turned.  Slowly at first, then faster and faster, big money started corrupting our political system in very overt ways.  And it hasn’t been just our political system, but the ways the very large corporations treat the customers they depend on for market share, profits, and their very existence.

This blog is to share and pass along stories of our experiences with companies and government agencies that choose to stomp us instead of helping us.  Let’s discuss what we can do to bring about change, so that our society changes from us against them, to us and them.




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Hello world!

May 28, 2011
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